Daily Newborn Care


Nail Care

  • Nail care is usually not needed, but may become necessary if your baby is accidentally scratching his face.
    • Of course, these scratches will heal without scarring on their own.
  • If this happens, nails should be filed, not clipped.
    • This is to avoid accidentally clipping your baby's skin.

Lotions for Baby Skin

  • Baby lotions are safe to use from the start, but not necessary.
  • In the first two months of life, flaking skin is not actually dry.
    • Your baby is shedding layers of skin she no longer needs, and this can be ignored.

Diaper Changes 

  • Until Mom's mature breast milk comes in (around day 3-5 of baby's life), the poop will be black and sticky (meconium).
    • The meconium is sticky, and requires more attention to completely clean from the skin.
    • Baby wipes are safe to use from the first day of life.
    • Be sure to check all the nooks and crannies.
      • Groins and fat rolls, under the scrotum, around the anus
      • Clean poop from the vagina only where you can see, but no further.
    • Putting diaper rash cream on the bottom before a rash has never been scientifically proven to prevent diaper rashes from happening.
      • That being said, the studies aren't perfect, and it won't hurt your baby.
      • If you choose to do so, use healthy amounts of cream after the diaper changes.
  • After the meconium goes away, the poop is easier to clean.
    • Be sure to check everywhere for poop
    • Continue to use diaper wipes and cream with diaper changes.
  • We have a comprehensive discussion about poop (and pee) in Class 4 - When to Worry About Your Baby.