Umbilical Care

Umbilical Stump Care

  • The umbilical cord is cut shortly after delivery, and a small amount of the cord remains attached to the baby. This is called the umbilical stump.
    • The stump gradually dries out and begins to look like a scab attached to the belly button.
    • The stump falls off on it's own, usually between 7-14 days of life.
    • Your baby can't feel the stump because there are no nerve endings in this area.
  • Do not wash, clean, or treat the umbilical stump in any way.
  • The cord will likely bleed for a day or two before and after it falls off.
    • You will likely find blood on the diaper or the clothing overlying the stump.
    • This can be ignored.
  • The cord may develop an odor before it falls off.
    • This can also be ignored.