Newborn Visit Preview

Preparing for the Newborn Visit

Hospital Course

  • We'll review your answers to our newborn questionnaires you completed in the hospital, and discuss any questions you might have.

Growth and Nutrition

  • We'll measure and discuss your baby's weight.
  • Babies lose up to 10% of their birthweight in the first week of life. We expect this to happen.
  • We'll talk about how feeding is going, and make a feeding plan together to follow until the next visit.


  • For the first 2 weeks of life, babies only wake up to eat. For this reason there isn't much to talk about regarding development!

Physical Exam

  • Our examination includes a lot in a short amount of time. Please ask questions if you have them! All questions are good questions, and we want you to be involved in your baby's care.


  • If your baby received the first hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital, there won't be any vaccines for this visit. If you decided to wait to get the vaccine from us, we'll provide that today.
  • Please read our guide to common vaccine reactions if the first hep b vaccine was not given in the hospital.