What to Expect During a Housecall with Modern Pediatrics

Unless you’re a fan of old movies or TV shows, you’ve probably never thought much about what a housecall by your pediatrician might look like. The highest quality, evidence-based care your children deserve will be the same, but there are a few important differences we want you to be aware of.

Important - Questions are welcome and encouraged from caregivers at all stages of the visit. You are the most important people in the lives of our patients, and their health depends on our working relationship with you!


  • Expect a text from us with an exact ETA 10-30 minutes before the provider arrives.
  • Respond with any gate codes to your home, or open them ahead of time.
  • Clear a 4x4 foot area on a table or counter for the provider’s scale and equipment.
  • Be on the lookout for the provider at the ETA provided.

Your provider will conduct the visit in the following order:

  1. Arrive wearing a facemask and gloves.
  2. Remove their shoes at the door.
  3. Place necessary equipment on the counter space provided.
  4. Apply hand-sanitizer spray to their hands/gloves (equipment is cleaned prior to each appointment).
  5. Conduct the visit (measurements, discussing progress, physical exam, testing, and vaccines).
  6. Pack up and complete the visit.
  7. Text you a link to the visit summary, including the measurements, growth percentiles, and satisfaction survey.