2 Week Visit Preview

Preparing for the 2 Week Visit

Growth and Nutrition

  • We'll measure and discuss your baby's weight, length, and head circumference
  • The goal is for baby to be back to birthweight, or very close.
  • If baby has regained birth weight, the new rule is “never wake a sleeping baby.” This will be the rule for day and night sleep.


  • From birth to 2 weeks, babies only wake up to eat. Starting at 2 weeks, it's important that you understand how to help your baby develop. This information is covered in our birth to 2 weeks guide.
  • Your provider will also demonstrate how to do tummy time with your baby.

Physical Exam

  • Our examination includes a lot in a short amount of time. Please ask questions if you have them! All questions are good questions, and we want you to be involved in your baby's care.


  • If your baby received her first hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital or at the newborn visit, there are no vaccines for today's visit.
  • If we made a plan to wait until the 2 week visit, we'll provide that today.
  • Please read our guide to common vaccine reactions if the first hep b vaccine was not given previously.

Newborn Screen Blood Test

  • We will obtain the newborn screen test by collecting blood from your baby's heel.
  • This is the same test that was done in the hospital, but we draw a second one at the 2 week visit in the state of Texas.
  • In terms of results, no news is good news.
    • If the test result is abnormal, we hear back in a few days.
    • If the test results is normal, we don't usually hear back for a month or so.
  • Additional details are available on the Texas Health and Human Services FAQ page.