Modern Pediatrics Vaccine Policy

Our Policy

We require patients to follow the CDC vaccination schedule unless there is a specific medical reason preventing it. If your child is currently behind schedule, we're happy to get them caught up!

Our Thought Process

The childhood vaccination schedule recommended by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been shown again and again to be safe and effective. We believe that allowing alternative, delayed, or no-vaccine schedules sends the the wrong message to caregivers and our community, suggesting we aren't absolutely certain the recommended schedule is safe, effective, or necessary. For these reasons, our vaccine policy at Modern Pediatrics is that all patients follow the same recommended vaccine schedule, provided they are healthy enough to do so.

At the end of the day, we are all on the same team with the same mission: to keep our children safe and healthy so they can grow and develop into amazing people. We absolutely respect and believe in the rights of caregivers to choose different vaccine schedules for their children, and we do so without judgement. At the same time, we have equal respect for and belief in the safety and necessity of vaccines, and the scientific studies confirming these facts.

At Modern Pediatrics we believe every caregiver has the right to understand their child's medical information, and we welcome any family's request to discuss our vaccine policy. We pledge to have these conversations without judgement, in the interest of keeping our community safe and healthy.

Vaccine Education

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) - Vaccine Education Center

Vaccine FAQs

Which vaccines will my child receive, and when will these vaccines be given?

The vaccine schedule for each visit can be found in this article from our resource center.

Can we use an alternative or delayed vaccine schedule for our child?

We do not allow alternative or delayed vaccine schedules for patients of our practice, but any of our pediatricians would love the chance to explain the science that proves the required vaccine schedule is 100% safe and effective!

We want to receive most of the vaccines, but are nervous about one specific vaccine in the schedule. Can we still join your practice?

Our vaccine policy requires our patients to receive all the necessary vaccines. That being said, we need you to feel safe about trusting us with your child's medical care. If we weren't absolutely certain the vaccine schedule was safe, we couldn't require them in good conscience. We would love the chance to explain the reasons we know that each and every scheduled vaccine is safe for your child.

Can we spread out the vaccines for each visit, so they aren't all given in one visit?

Our vaccine policy requires all necessary vaccines to be given at the same visit. At your visit, we will discuss each vaccine in detail, so you know what diseases you're preventing for your child, the short term side effects they might experience, and how to handle those side effect should they occur.

My child has been on a delayed or alternative vaccine schedule. Can we still join your practice?

We would love to work with your family! If your child was previously on an alternative or delayed vaccine schedule, we will create a vaccine catch-up plan to get them up to date as quickly and safely as possible.

Can we still join if my child has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving some of the vaccines?

Absolutely! Some rare medical conditions affecting the immune system cause a child to be unable to receive some of the required vaccines. If you believe your child has a medical disease which prohibits them from receiving a specific vaccine, please let us know right away.