Paced bottle feedings

Bottle Feedings

Why paced feeding?

  • Breastfeeding is a much more active process than bottle feeding and requires more work on the baby's part.
  • Research has shown that "nipple confusion" is not a problem for breastfeeding babies, but rather the flow that bottles provide vs. breastfeeding.
    • The difference in flow can sometimes cause babies to have a preference or get frustrated at the breast when they have to work harder to get the milk flowing.
  • This is why we pace the bottle feedings for breastfed babies.

How to pace feed?

  • Have your baby sitting up a bit more in your lap as opposed to laying in a cradled position in your arms.
  • Offer the bottle in more of a horizontal position so that not all of the milk is in the tip of the nipple of the bottle.
    • Every few sucks, tip the bottle back to pull the milk out of the nipple, and allow baby to take a break.
    • This helps promote more of a "suck, swallow, rest" instead of gulping down the milk quickly.
  • This mimics the flow and rhythm of breastfeeding.
  • Remember to use the slowest flow nipple as well, and take your time with feedings.
    • It should take about 10-20 minutes to finish the bottle feeding.
    • Video example of how to pace a feeding: Click Here