FIE Sample Letter

Sample letter requesting initial evaluation (be sure to keep a copy for yourself)

Name of principal 
Name of school Address of school 

Dear (name of principal):

I am the parent of (name of student), a student at your school. My child’s teacher and I have concerns that my child may have a disability and is in need of special education services.


I am the parent of (name of child), a child that resides in your district that is or will be  3 years old on (birth date). I believe my child may have a disability and is in need of  special education services.  

I am requesting a full individual evaluation of my child. I believe testing is needed in the area(s) of: (list areas of suspected disability needing testing).  

I understand that the evaluation generally must be completed within 45 school days  from the date the school district receives signed consent for the evaluation. Please notify me in writing if the evaluation period is not subject to this deadline or will take longer to complete. 

Please contact me within five days of this request to sign consent forms to evaluate my child. Thank you for your help. 


Your name 
Your address 
Your telephone number 
Your e-mail address (optional)